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"What you are capable of is astounding!"

About Brenda Hamre-Barr

"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison


Over the last 4 decades, Brenda Hamre-Barr has been actively lifeguarding and teaching (e.g. fitness, first aid, swimming & water rescue skills) as well as training & leading aquatic teams across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Also, during this time Brenda Hamre-Barr has earned two diplomas from Mount Royal College; both with Honours; Physical Education (Major: Fitness Leadership) and Business Administration (Major: Marketing & Management).

In addition to the above experience and education, Brenda Hamre-Barr has trained for years and holds numerous certifications with the following organizations:


Brenda Hamre-Barr focuses on training your leaders of tomorrow with the big picture in mind; not what is convenient for the moment. Training focuses on how the leader can create an effective learning atmosphere for students; not what is simply in the best interest of the leader at the time. 

Leaders are challenged by having to answer questions like:

a) What do your participants need to make their learning fulfilling, satisfying, memorable?

b) How can you be an effective leader for years to come; what changes need to made over time?

Brenda Hamre-Barr believes customers' needs are of the utmost importance. The entire team is committed to meeting these needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. If you like what we do, please tell others. If not, please tell us!


Below are tentative price ranges for training offered by this organization. All prices are negotiable and subject to change without notice. DISCOUNTS may be offered for multiple course bookings within same calendar year (i.e. booking two or more training sessions with Brenda Hamre-Barr)!

1) Traveling Costs

• current municipal rate or $0.46/km (whichever is lower)

• current local rate (options may include: hotel, motel, B&B, billeting or camping during the summer)

2) Standard First Aid-CPR-AED Corporate Training

a) Private on-site training (per course):

. Minimum charge apply for every course (1 to 4 employees) = $580.00*

. 5th to 10th person = $100 per person (e.g. $780 for 6 employees)

. 11th to 18th person = $75 per person (e.g. $1330 for 12 employees)

b) Off-site training (per course):

. Flat training rate for every course (1 to 4 employees) = $580.00*

. Flat training rate for every course (5 to 10 employees) = $1255.00 

   ...$580 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking*

. Additional participant rate per course (11th to18th employee) = $125 per person 

  (e.g. $1495 for 12 employees)

3) Water Rescue 

• Sub-contract = $16/hr to $22/hr***

4) Aquatic Instructor Training

• Sub-contract = $20/hr to $25/hr***

5) Aquatic Fitness Leader Training: NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

• SPRA Sub-contract = $45/hour (courses only)***

• SPRA Proctor fee = $25 (written exams held outside of course time)

• SPRA Practical Observation = $45 per observation (in-person OR video submission)***

*A minimum charge will be set for each course; this minimum will be required to be PRE-PAID at least one week in advance. This charge is non-refundable... even when fewer participants attend course (e.g. minimum charge may be for 4 participants however same price applies if one person or four persons attend the training).

**Per person charge covers course equipment rental, manuals, equipment cleaning, participant barrier mask, completion certificates and taxes (additional charges may include: mileage & accommodations for training outside of Alsask/Cereal).

***All sub-contracting charges may have additional costs including, however not limited to, mileage, accommodations, photocopying, and/or equipment rental fees. 

For more information regarding pricing or to obtain a personalized quote, please contact us immediately. Please include the type of course(s) you are interested in as well as the approximate number of participants, when you are interested in the training & any other pertinent course details.